Michael Kors Factory Outlet Classic Bag Style, Which One Do You Prefer?

Michael Kors factory, a fashion brand in the United States, which is very popular in foreign countries, is one of the most popular brands for young people in the United States, and its popularity is far beyond the brand Coach. In the recent years, MK has been actively exploring the Asian markets especially the Chinese market. NOW, Let’s take a look at MK’s classic bag design
Michael Kors Riley series, Chinese mainland actress Gao Yuanyuan has once own the Riley blue series, which making MK’s Riley series come into Chinese consumers’ shopping cart.
MK Riley Large Satchel large handbag, this bag is made of made of pure leather with lychee skin, and the size of the bag is about 42*28*15cm, having the current color like watermelon red, red and brown.
Michael Kors direct store Medium Sutton series, its style is novel and simple, and made of the classic Saffiano cowhide. Because of the perfect combination of fashion and practical, this handbag has been popular after being published.
Michael Kors Selma Bag series. People often call it “ear bag”, which is unique in shape; almost every has this bag.
Michael Kors discount outlet Hamilton Bag series, we call it the lock bag; it is also MK classic package. His smooth calf leather is decorated with different dressing styles.
MK’s bags are simple and generous, the concept of its design is very wonderful, it must be good for people to take the bag to travel or do anything else.

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