The Michael Kors New Handbag Series 2017 For Outlet Sale

In the coming fall of 2017, Michael Kors outlet store launched the new handbag series, and giving the classic new inspiration for a variety of autumn colors, patterns to fully show the softness of fashion and jet set spirit.
MICHAEL Michael Kors The New limit of Selma series
MICHAEL Michael Kors launched the Selma limited handbag in the fall of 2017, inspired by the jet lifestyle that the brand has been advocating, based on the classic Selma handbag, depicting the exciting moments of walking through different cities in an interesting and stylish way.
“Walk away and start at any time.” Michael Kors newest handbags takes every stylish place to your life. Take your handbag and go to the new destination to meet all the upcoming adventures!
SELMA x London
“In London, you can meet a lot of people who are full of imagination, novelty and fun. Every street is like a show, and the people who come and go give me endless inspiration. ”
SELMA x Paris
“I am an American who loves to live in Paris, sitting on the streets of Paris, watching people walking and moving, like watching the best fashion movies in the world. She is elegant and beautiful, extremely romantic, fashionable sexy, refined atmosphere.
SELMA x Tokyo
“I love the vitality and rhythm of Tokyo, it is very refined, luxurious, and it maintains a desire for fashion curiosity. Japanese girls like to use color and chic small accessories to make the finishing point, which is what I enjoy. ”
SELMA x New York
“New York is my home, and for me, the end of every journey is here. The rapid change of culture, diversity of inclusiveness is the core of the city. The city gave me more inspiration. ”
SELMA x Worldwide
“For me, travel has always been a source of inspiration. I believe that travel can change your vision and let you see the world in a new way. Many of my design inspirations are incorporated into some places I have been to and the people I met. ”Michael Kors discount shopping.