Michael Kors The Most Attractive Spokesman Yang mi Best Sale Online

New products of Michael Kors luxury store are always high-profile by the crowd every year, however, Michael Kore’s biggest highlight of this year, the 2018 spring & summer fashion show is its world first brand spokesperson – Yang mi
As a famous actress in China, Yang mi has her own views on fashion, and the fashion taste of Yang is really remarkable, this was seen from the photos exposed on her Chinese microblogs.
Yang’s unique fashion viewpoint has brought economic effects to many famous brands, such as Gucci and Balenciaga, but their lack of attention to this actress gives Michael Kors opportunity to win this brand spokesperson that can bring economic benefits to them.
Michael Kors, global brand spokesman, Yang mi
The day before Michael Kors’s spring & summer show, Michael Kors held a press conference in New York, officially announcing that yang mi became the world’s first brand spokesman for Michael Kors online.
Yang mi appeared on the show and was dressed in a cool leather skirt which showed her extraordinary taste. The day of the show happens to be Yang’s birthday, maybe that is the best fashion gift for her 31th birthday.
Why can Yang stand out among the amount of stars and firmly catch the eyes of the famous luxury brand MK?
Yang mi has brought a lot of popular styles for MK, and also created a high sales record for the Asia – Pacific region, so that because of the economic effect for MK, MK shows its great concern to Yang.
On that day, Yang mi and actor Zhao youting appeared in the Michael Kors outlet shopping 2018 spring and summer show, they totally reminded people of the their previous cooperative drama, which also added a bright spot to the MK show.